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[HOLDON] is an experimental, poetic short film.

Chaos, disturbance, a-rhythmic and disassociation is what the viewer can experience, by watching this movie. The music reinforces this (music by Ebbo Kraan – Piano808. The titles seem to be the subtitles, but they aren’t. It’s the poem that has been written for this film. It creates clarity, but at the same time it is visually seen disturbing and confusing. You need to pay good attention, but at the same time you don’t know where to look at, for not missing the context.

To be ‘here’ and ‘now’, or better said in the German language ’dasein’, movement is necessary. It needs to itch and scrape. It needs a clear vision, retrospection. Sometimes a close-up, sometimes you need to take a step back. Movement creates progression. The only thing you need for this is patience and ‘nothing’. You have to hold on. Premiere 31 maart 2017 @ FC HYENA, Amsterdam.

HOLDON is a BeeScene Production